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Smart Computers and Consulting is excited to announce our new e-learning platform, specifically tailored for school districts. This innovative training service enhances digital literacy and cybersecurity knowledge through engaging, bite-sized video tutorials. Designed to support educators and staff, our platform facilitates a self-paced learning environment, allowing users to upgrade their skills efficiently. Dive into our e-learning services and empower your school with the tools needed to navigate the digital world safely. Visit our e-learning website for more information and to get started.

Smart Computers is committed to delivering peace of mind to schools, parents, and students alike. Our holistic cybersecurity approach encompasses not only the implementation of advanced technologies but also ongoing monitoring, threat assessment, and incident response. By staying vigilant and proactive, we mitigate potential risks and maintain the integrity of student data, allowing educational institutions to focus on their core mission of providing quality education.

Shop our Online Store for School Supplies delivered to your school or classroom. Smart Computers carries learning carpets, classroom organizers, name tags, bulletin board materials, class room kits by Carson Dellosa all of your ink, toner and technology needs.

If you're a School District that is concerned about Ransomware and Data Breaches, it's important to consider Cybersecurity solutions from Smart Computers and Consulting. Our tools can help mitigate the risks, as well as provide cybersecurity training for your staff. The state of North Dakota IT Security reports can be found at the office of the state auditor. The reports are an interesting read and provide real insights to why your district need cybersecurity services from us. Also check out to learn more about teaching cyber to your kids.

Don't let your district fall victim to a cyber attack like what happened to Minneapolis School District. We've included some cautionary articles on the Minneapolis Data Breach to emphasize the importance of Cybersecurity solutions. Protect your district's sensitive data by taking action now.

Need E-Rate Help! They can provide all the necessary forms and paperwork to ensure that your reimbursement is delivered in a timely manner.
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How to clean your interactive panels and other classroom equipment.

Look at the insights for the North Dakota School System. They are provided by SLDS at

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