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The IT team at Smart Computers has been providing technology support to school districts in southwest North Dakota since 2008. We work directly with administrators and educators to determine the best course of action for providing technology to students, teachers, and staff. From existing systems to new applications, Smart Computers provides expert advice and support.  Teachers and Staff please select your school to access district related resources.  Thank You for Choosing Smart Computers and Consulting.

Please read our: How to clean your interactive panels and other classroom equipment. during the Covid 19 pandemic.

Look at the insights for the North Dakota School System. They are provided by SLDS at

Sm@rt is Making the transition to remote learning for our classrooms easier As schools around the world respond to COVID-19, the need for remote learning tools has never been more urgent. To make the transition to distance learning easier, Microsoft has created resources, training and how-to guides that we hope will help schools, educators, students, and their families as they navigate their “new normal.”

Please read the: K-12 Educators guide to transition to remote learning.

Educators welcome to the Smart Schools Network, Smart Computers or your school administrator will provide a user name and staff to access the resources.

If you are a Tech Coordinator and need access to our ticketing system: Smart Schools Ticket Managment Portal

If you are member and want to access our learning management platform please click here.

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