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Smart BCDR Solutions: Ensuring Uninterrupted Operations for Schools, Businesses, and Healthcare.

Advanced Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Solutions: Customized Protection for Businesses, Schools, and Healthcare Facilities

At SMART COMPUTERS, we provide top-tier BCDR solutions designed to meet the unique needs of various sectors, including businesses, educational institutions, and healthcare facilities, ensuring operational continuity and data integrity in any unforeseen event.

Key Benefits of Our BCDR Solutions

  1. Robust Protection Against Data Loss
  2. Our solutions safeguard critical data from loss due to hardware failures, cyber-attacks, natural disasters, and more, ensuring fast and reliable data restoration.
  3. Guaranteed Business Continuity
  4. Enable swift recovery post-disruption, minimizing operational delays and financial losses, crucial for maintaining continuous service delivery in all sectors.
  5. Regulatory Compliance Assurance
  6. We ensure compliance with sector-specific regulations:
  7. School Districts: Adherence to FERPA and other education-related regulations, safeguarding student data and ensuring educational continuity.
  8. Businesses: Alignment with standards such as ISO 27001 and GDPR, essential for data protection and privacy.
  9. Healthcare Facilities: Compliance with HIPAA regulations, ensuring patient data confidentiality and integrity in healthcare IT systems.
  10. Cost Reduction and Resource Optimization
  11. By implementing effective BCDR measures, reduce the overall costs and resources needed for disaster recovery, ensuring financial efficiency.
  12. Enhanced Overall Security
  13. Strengthen your security posture with secure backups, reducing the risk of breaches and security threats.

Innovative Technology for Immediate Recovery

  • Our Instant Virtualization technology enables rapid operational resumption post-incident. This agility is vital for all sectors, especially in critical service areas like healthcare and education.


  • As a Managed Service Provider, we specialize in delivering bespoke BCDR solutions. Our services are informed by industry best practices and tailored to meet the specific challenges and regulatory requirements of your sector.

In conclusion, SMART COMPUTERS’ BCDR solutions offer more than recovery; they provide resilience, preparedness, and regulatory compliance, ensuring your operations are secure and uninterrupted, no matter the challenge.

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