Computer networking can be overwhelming with the amount of technical details required to do it correctly. Sm@rt Computers & Consulting has extensive experience in designing, implementing, and leveraging the full usefulness and power of a robust physical and digital network.

The term networking is a very expansive topic that covers many aspects of a business’ day-to-day operations. The term includes everything involving the transfer of data between many different computers, either on site or in remote locations. One or more of these computers can be servers that control the network and store data. The physical wiring, cabling, and certification of those physical wires are the first steps in creating a network in an office building. When building anything, a solid foundation is necessary to fully leverage the capability and have it be a stable environment. Once the physical wiring is done, the routing of the data being moved needs to be correctly configured. This is done by an infrastructure of switches, routers, and firewalls that, when correctly configured, protect, route, and control the data transfers and workstations on the network.

Once the flow of traffic is routed and protected on a stable network, then server, workstation, and VPN configuration can begin. Additionally, items other than computer communications can be installed and configured, such as VoIP Phone systems, Tele-Presence video, and voice conferencing systems. All of these aspects must be designed and implemented with the entire network map in mind. The foundation needs to be designed for every function the network will be used for, and every function must be designed with the foundation’s capabilities in mind.

Let Sm@rt Computers & Consulting guide you in design and implementation, so your business can use every tool that technology can provide to overcome hurdles that every business encounters.

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