Say Goodbye to Inconvenient Repair Store Visits with Smart Computers' Unlimited Remote Support Plan

Elevate Your Home Computing Experience with Smart Computers' Managed Support Plans

At Smart Computers, we understand the importance of a reliable and secure home computing environment. Our Managed Support Plans are designed to provide comprehensive care for your home computer, ensuring it operates at peak performance and security. Here's what you can expect:

Proactive Maintenance for Peak Performance: Stay ahead of potential issues with our proactive approach to maintenance. We regularly update your operating system, software, and security protocols, ensuring your computer is always equipped to handle the latest challenges.

Rapid, Hassle-Free Technical Support: Experience swift, convenient assistance for any technical hiccups. Our Managed Support Plans offer a more efficient solution than DIY fixes or time-consuming service center visits, saving you both time and money.

Minimized Downtime, Maximized Productivity: Quick access to expert technical support means less downtime and more productive hours. Our responsive service ensures your computing hiccups are resolved promptly, keeping frustration at bay.

Fortified Security for Your Peace of Mind: Your digital safety is our top priority. Regular security updates and scans are integral to our Managed Support Plans, safeguarding your computer and personal data from cyber threats and malware.

Comprehensive Home User Support Service Plans:

  • Smart Anti-Virus for 1 PC: Essential virus protection with automatic updates and scanning.
  • Anti-Virus with Unlimited Remote Support for 1 PC: All the benefits of Sm@rt Anti-Virus plus remote support capabilities and in-store service options.
  • Anti-Virus with Unlimited Remote Support for 3 PCs: Extend protection and support to multiple devices for complete household coverage.
  • Additional PCs: Add more devices to your plan with ease. Contact us for pricing details.

Unparalleled Benefits of Our Remote Support Plan:

  • Reduced downtime and no need to leave the comfort of your home.
  • Swift repair times and proactive maintenance.
  • Local, direct access to experienced technicians – no outsourcing.
  • Special rates for in-store services if remote resolution is not possible.
  • Available live support from Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM MST.

Advantages of Smart Antivirus:

  • Continuous health checks and automatic antivirus updates.
  • Enhanced PC performance with regular virus scanning.
  • Early identification of issues, avoiding major complications.
  • No annual reinstallation hassle, with regular reports on your PC’s health.

Are you fed up with the hassle of unplugging your computer, navigating through traffic, struggling to find parking, and enduring long waits at repair stores? Smart Computers offers a seamless solution with our Unlimited Remote Support Plan.

Effortless, In-Home Tech Support at Your Fingertips:

  • Instant Help When You Need It: Encounter an issue? Simply reach out to us during regular business hours. Our skilled technicians are just a phone call away, ready to provide prompt assistance.
  • No More Waiting Weeks for Repairs: With our remote support, long repair times are a thing of the past. We address and resolve most problems without your computer ever leaving your desk.
  • Convenient, Hassle-Free Experience: Our service eliminates the stress and inconvenience of traditional repair methods. Stay comfortable at home while we handle the technicalities.

Enjoy Peace of Mind with Smart Computers: Our Unlimited Remote Support Plan is designed to offer you a hassle-free, efficient, and reliable solution for all your computer troubles. Trust in Smart Computers to keep your digital life running smoothly, without ever stepping out the door.

Reach out to Smart Computers and Consulting today and secure your digital life with our expertly crafted Managed IT Services. Visit us at or connect on Facebook for more information.

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