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Welcome to the Golva Public School District's IT Questions and Support landing page. We are committed to providing excellent service and support to our community.

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We are aware of network outages, slowdowns, and disconnects district-wide, and we are actively working with the information department of North Dakota to resolve these connectivity problems. Please read our blog post on why this is happening at your district.

We will be posting regular updates on this page, so please check back frequently for important information and news.

School Support Links:

Golva Public School's Home Page

Smart Remote Support

Office 365 for Edutech

School Payment Portal (Business Manager's and Administration can pay, view and print invoices online.)

School IT Managed Report Center (Coming Soon!)

District Administration and Technology Training:

Edutech Main Site

Edutech Training Videos for Schools

k12.nd.us Office 365 Administration

k12.nd.us Password Registration

k12.nd.us Password Reset

Making the transition to remote Learning with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams Download

Teams Login (Web)

Outlook Email Login (Web)

One Drive Login (Web)

Zoom for Education

Realsmart Schools

North Dakota Department of Public Instruction

Golva Documents:

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