Today, many school districts and college campuses are becoming more expansive. Most are comprised of multiple buildings for housing, dining, entertainment, academics, athletics, and scientific research.   Add in abundant common areas, like parking lots and garages, and the challenge of preserving a safe environment for students and staff reveals itself.

Ask us to show you how we can help your school district, college or university with our expertise in a new intercom paging systems that integrate with your existing phone systems, clocks and door control.

  • Browser Based
  • Calendar Scheduling
  • SIP Enabled
  • Emergency Notification
  • Largest Selection of IP Endpoints
  • Scenario Based Alerts
  • District Solutions
  • Monitoring and Supervised
  • Interactive Graphical Interface
  • Utilizes Your Existing Assets
  • System Health Monitoring
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Why should a school do an intercom system with Smart computers?
An intercom system is a useful tool for schools as it provides a means of communication between different areas of the building and helps to ensure the safety and security of students, staff, and visitors. When integrated with smart computers, an intercom system can offer several additional benefits:

Improved Emergency Response: In an emergency situation, a smart intercom system can allow administrators to quickly and easily broadcast announcements to the entire building, providing important information and instructions to staff and students.

Enhanced Communication: A smart intercom system can facilitate communication between classrooms, administrative offices, and other areas of the school, improving collaboration and information sharing.

Increased Security: By integrating smart computers into the intercom system, schools can use advanced security features such as access control and video surveillance to monitor and secure the building.

Streamlined Operations: By integrating the intercom system with other smart devices and systems in the school, administrators can automate various tasks, streamline processes, and access real-time data for decision-making.

Cost Savings: A smart intercom system can help schools reduce costs by reducing the need for manual tasks, such as manually unlocking doors or controlling lighting, and reducing the need for multiple standalone systems.

In short, a smart intercom system can help schools enhance communication, improve safety and security, and streamline operations, making it an ideal solution for schools looking to improve their technology infrastructure.

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