Act Fast – Cybersecurity Grant Opportunity!

Application Deadline: September 28, 2023

Are you concerned about your organization's cybersecurity infrastructure in North Dakota? Don't miss out on this incredible grant opportunity!

At Smart Computers and Consulting, we're excited to inform you about the Cybersecurity Grant Program available in North Dakota. If you're looking to enhance your cybersecurity measures, this could be your chance to make it happen.

Unlock Cybersecurity Grant Opportunities for Your Organization

Are you eligible for valuable cybersecurity grant funding? If you represent a public entity, including cities, counties, schools, or state agencies, you could be eligible to secure vital resources to bolster your cybersecurity defenses.

Federal Funding Availability $3,733,118

Cost Share or Match Eligible entities must meet a 20% cost share requirement for the FY 2023 SLCGP. The State of North Dakota will provide 4.55% of the required 20% cost share, leaving the eligible entity responsible for 15.45%

What Projects Qualify for Funding?

To be eligible for funding, your project must address critical cybersecurity needs. Examples of eligible projects include:

  • Developing governance structures and plans to enhance your ability to respond to cybersecurity incidents and ensure operational continuity.
  • Conducting assessments and evaluations to identify vulnerabilities within your organization.
  • Mitigating security risks by replacing outdated infrastructure such as servers, routers, access points, or firewalls lacking essential firmware updates.
  • Upgrading end user devices to ensure compatibility with Windows 11 and reduce vulnerability to cyber threats.
  • Replacing end-of-service and end-of-life network storage solutions that could be potential security vulnerabilities.
  • Implementing cybersecurity best practices to enhance security protections as outlined in your cybersecurity plan.
  • Hire a contractor to install device management solutions such as Intune, Mosyle, Manage Engine, etc. on staff and student laptops.
  • Contract with Smart Computers and Consulting patch, security and asset management services on school’s behalf.
  • Investing in workforce development to ensure your personnel are adequately trained in cybersecurity, aligning with the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education recommendations.
  • Conduct cybersecurity awareness campaigns with Smart Computers.

What Projects Are Not Eligible?

Please note that physical security projects and those already funded or renewals are not eligible for this grant.

When Is the Application Deadline?

Mark your calendar—the application deadline is September 28, 2023. Act now to secure your organization's cybersecurity future.

Where Can You Apply?

You can start the application process by visiting Find detailed guidance under "HSGP Resources" at HSGP - The "2023 Application Guidance PDF" can be printed and downloaded and this will provide detailed instructions for filling out the grant.

Why Should You Pursue This Grant?

Consider these compelling reasons:

  • Substantial Funding: Access a significant pool of funds with a minimal local match requirement.
  • Streamlined Application: Completing the application could take as little as an hour, making it a straightforward process.
  • Long-Term Benefits: This is a 4-year grant program, currently in Year 2. You have until approximately 2025 to utilize approved funds, offering flexibility in matching the 20% requirement.

Additional Key Details

  • Proposed projects must align with the North Dakota Cybersecurity Plan and meet SLCGP program objectives and requirements.
  • Projects should be feasible and effective in reducing the identified cybersecurity risks.
  • Project costs should be reasonable and justifiable.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to fortify your cybersecurity infrastructure. Act now to secure your organization's digital assets and protect against cyber threats.

Apply for the Cybersecurity Grant Program today!

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